Mexican Auto Industry Undeterred by 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake


Automakers spent Wednesday surveying factory sites in Central Mexico after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake ravaged the region Tuesday evening. However, after some momentary shutdowns, it’s looking like business as usual for most manufacturers. Despite countless injuries, over 200 fatalities, and widespread damage yet to be fully assessed, the automotive industry emerged from the quake largely unscathed.

Arguably the hardest hit, Volkswagen Group’s Puebla plant temporarily halted assembly so workers could inspect buildings for damage. Finding no significant structural harm, factory employees resumed third-shift production of the Jetta and Golf.

Audi’s crossover plant, also in the state of Puebla, sustained no obvious damage. It’s second shift was halted early on Tuesday as well. The company said third-shift production was canceled so that employees could attend to their loved ones after the quake.

Nissan similarly underwent a temporary shutdown on Tuesday and sent workers home for the remainder of the day in order to conduct a structural investigation of the site. “We will assess those facilities for damage before determining when they can return to safe operation. We expect to have more to share in the coming days,” the company said in an official statement.

While most other manufactures operate sites further away from the quake’s epicenter, south of Mexico City, Fiat Chrysler Toluca Car Assembly is only a little over an hour away. The factory would have been among the closest to ground zero, but FCA has yet to release any information on the status of its facilities. However, Ford said its Cuautitlán Assembly went undamaged despite its proximity to the Mexican capital.

Toyota and General Motors’ Mexican-based plants were both too far north to have been seriously affected.

Shipping lines are also largely unaffected. Preliminary infrastructure assessments indicate minimal destruction beyond city centers, despite the strength of the earthquake. Most roadways and rail lines remained intact, while shipping ports were too far away to have suffered from the incident.

[Source: Automotive News]


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