QOTD: The Worst Model Names of Them All?

It happened quite by accident last week, as good ideas often do. After last Wednesday’s Rare Rides post concerning the Nissan Stanza Wagon, reader comments got a little sidetracked. Dal20402 lamented there had never been a worse name for a car than Axxess (the Stanza Wagon’s successor).

Before I could unplug TTAC from the Canadian outlet on the wall, other commenters were jumping in with their terrible name suggestions. Seemed like a fun game, so today we open the floor to everyone’s suggestions.

Give us your submissions for the worst-ever automotive model names.

I came up with three off the top of my head last week, so I’ll cover those here and let others submit their names again for consideration.

Our first bad name example is the Pao, by Nissan. Sold only in the Japanese domestic market between 1989 and 1991, this interesting and retro-styled city hatchback didn’t get a name to match its design. It’s a cool car, but awful in name.

This van is called the Citroën Jumpy. The same (slightly restyled) van was also sold as a Peugeot, a Toyota, and a Fiat. Get with it, get Jumpy! The second-generation Jumpy was replaced with an all-new model after the 2016 year, after a production partnership between PSA and Fiat ended.

So what exactly is an “Expert Tepee?” That’s not entirely clear, but the Peugeot Expert Tepee is (or was) the same basic van as the Citroën above. Certain cargo specifications of Tepee look remarkably like the Ram ProMaster, aka the Fiat Ducato. This is no longer true for the current generation, as Citroën, Peugeot, and Toyota models are on a new body. The trio and their variants are manufactured together in France and Uruguay.

Production vehicles past and present fall within the bounds of our subject today. Vehicles that never got past the concept stage don’t count. Let’s hear your worst.

[Images: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0), PSA Group]


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