National Drive Electric Week Events, Free and Probably Near You

Since 2011, National Drive Electric Week has taken place in venues across the United States, some Canadian locations, and at select international venues. This year, it runs from Saturday, September 9th through Sunday, September 17th.

There are 262 event locations for 2017, so there’s probably an event not far away, assuming you’re electrically inclined.

While you may not have heard of these events previously, the official site has a comprehensive map.  Just input your ZIP code and see the events nearest you. Each location has an individual event page detailing the particulars, as well as a list of the individually owned EVs registered to attend. Events are open to the public, and registration (encouraged) is free.

It’s an easy way to check out pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles all in one location. Checking through various green dots on the map, the events vary in location type and scope. Shopping centers, parks, and university campuses all play host. Attendees in many locations include the aforementioned regular EV owners showing their rides, local dealers bringing their hybrid and EV wares for display and test drives, and occasionally a manufacturer presence.

TTAC will have representation (yours truly) at the Cincinnati event, where local startup Workhorse will have their W-15 EV pickup available. Look for that report next week.

See if there’s an event near you. Aside from the usual Prius Primes, Volts, Leafs, and Teslas, maybe you’ll get lucky and see a rare Mitsubishi i-MiEV or Cadillac ELR in the flesh.

[Images: Google, Workhorse]


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