QOTD: All Car Production Ends Tomorrow – What’s Your Forever Vehicle?


Time to suspend disbelief, much like you do with your favorite television show featuring dragons and incestual relations (between people, not dragons). A new government regime has outlawed production of the private automobile. All new car sales will end in 48 hours. Much like Jack Bauer, you’ve got to make an important decision in that timespan: Purchasing your last car of choice.

Which automobile will you pick, knowing it’s the last one you’ll ever have?

An interesting question to ponder, as many variables hang in the balance. We’re going to make it a bit easier and simplify things with Three Simple Tricks Rules.

  • The single (just one) forever car you choose must be new, and in production in 2017 somewhere in the world.
  • You are not limited by wallet size in this particular purchase.
  • Sales or exchanges later are also outlawed; this is the car your household will have for the rest of your life. Upon your death, the car will be crushed.
  • The knee-jerk reaction when given unlimited funds is to pick something hugely expensive, and perhaps rare (like that glorious Bentley above). However, with new car production outlawed there will only be so many companies left to maintain the deteriorating cars left on the roads. Cars with stratospheric prices are often frail, riddled with electronic gremlins, and limited in parts supply. Other things to consider:

    • Enjoyable driving
    • Cargo versatility
    • Present and future family and household needs
    • General robustness

    Those things in mind, the choice for me was fairly easy.

    It’s the GMC Yukon, in less-than-Denali trim. Robust, sure availability of parts, reliable V8, versatile for cargo and people. As a bonus, the Yukon can go off road a bit when I want to escape the totalitarian state that banned new car sales. It’s luxurious, but not so much as to make certain Americans swell with rage in these trying times. The Yukon is always acceptable, in all American situations.

    Your turn, think it through.

    [Images: Bentley, General Motors]


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