Submit Questions for The 2017 Car Wash Show!

That’s right, there’s an annual Car Wash Show.

And, of course, it’s in Vegas.

Next week, I’ll be knee-deep in cleaning supplies, equipment and professional services offered to the car wash industry. And I need your assistance to get the most from this opportunity.

While I line up Q&A opportunities with CEOs like Washify’s Adam Korngold, I know who’s boss. It’s you, dear reader. So allow me to serve answers to your car wash Industry queries.

If your first question is why an autoblogger attends The 2017 Car Wash Show (avoiding SEMA like the plague), the answer is simple: my dear cousin’s start-up is literally cleaning up in Mumbai. I’m thrilled that my passion for cars and entrepreneurship finally came in handy for one of his business ventures.

Hit me up with questions!

[Image: carwash.org]

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