QOTD: Would You Fight a Carjacker for Your Car?

In a classic case of fight-or-flight response, a Milwaukee woman named Melissa Smith has just filled up her Subaru Outback and realizes there’s a man on the driver’s side about to steal her off-roading vehicle. Rather than let the thief drive off with her ride, she takes action. Immediately jumping up onto the hood, Melissa stares the criminal right in the eyes. According to an interview the victim provided to various news outlets, the thief laughed in her face and turned the wipers on, in an attempt to brush her off like mere precipitation. That didn’t work. She grabs onto the wipers for dear life. Then in two successive attempts, the would-be thief accelerates quickly and brakes, trying to shake Ms. Smith from the hood.

At this point, the thief seems to have his own fight-or-flight moment, and realizes that he’s either going to escalate this car theft to a kidnapping and probable manslaughter charge, or have to give up entirely. Choosing flight, he grabs Ms. Smith’s purse, phone, and wallet from the Outback, and returns to join his comrades in the back of the Deville.

I found unedited footage for you, so you can watch in peace without the inane audio commentary from a talking head. There’s no sound at all in this clip, but you don’t really need it.

Our question today: Would you have taken the same action?

Before we get to your decision, take a look at what Subaru of America shared on Facebook.

Subaru’s opinion is fairly cut and dry; an owner was doing what was necessary because of Subaru Love. Interesting.

But now I turn it over to you, B&B. Faced with this same situation (unarmed and alone), which do you choose?

  • Fight it out with a would-be carjacker, risking life and limb for your CUV.
  • Find a phone, and let the authorities and insurance company handle it from there.

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