Watch Volkswagen Group Night Live at 1:30 PM ET


Volkswagen, as usual before the Frankfurt Auto Show, will be showing all its wares live, Apple-style, the night before press days.

We’ve already seen the Tiguan, Bentley Bentayga and Audi A4, but could there be a surprise up Mr. Winterkorn’s sleeve?

We will keep track of the reveals after the jump.

3;02 pm: Mission E will have 600 horsepower and fully charge in 15 minutes.

2:58 pm: Porsche debuts Mission E concept. Fully-electric, four-seater coupe.

2:56 pm: 420 horsepower in the Carrera S. “No sacred cows at Porsche.” They will use whatever engines make the best power and efficiency. Screw the purists.

2:53 pm: Here’s some turbo Porsches. New Porsche Carrera S Coupe and Cabrio shown.

2:50 pm: V-Charge up next.

2:37 pm: Here comes the Tiguan.

2:36 pm: Ominous…

2:33 pm: Ugh. The want!

2:32 pm: Skoda is up next with something we will never get in North America. Skoda Superb Combi.

2:30 pm: 160 horsepower. “More Monster than ever.”

2:29 pm: Mmmmmmm!

2:28 pm: New Ducati Monster 1200 R up next.

2:26 pm: Here it is a little closer. Just a concept at this point.

2:25 pm: Audi e-tron quattro makes global debut.

2:22 pm: Audi A4 g-tron is the natural gas version.

2:21 pm: Yup. 12 million A4s sold since the mid-90s.

2:20 pm: Audi A4 looks to be next…

2:18 pm: And another 200 hp in the back. Ducati Panigale stuffed inside.

2:17 pm: 200 hp diesel, all-wheel drive.

2:16 pm: Here it is a bit closer… Transporter T6 PanAmericana.

2:15 pm: Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana Edition is up next.

2:09 pm: Stream is frozen. Looks like a Bugatti you can only buy in a video game though, the Vision GT concept.

2:07 pm: 610 horsepower from the V10, just like the name says. Reduces CO2 by 14 percent.

2:06 pm: Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Spyder with fabric top makes global debut.

2:05 pm: Are those Lego Lambos? Nope. Just the pixelated stream. 🙁

2:03 pm: Also, sorry for making you refresh all the time to see these screenshots, but #TechnologyAndStuff is difficult.

2:02 pm: The quality of the stream is deteriorating, so the screenshots aren’t the best.

2:00 pm: Hand made in Crewe, the Bentayga will be powered by a 600 hp, 12-cylinder engine.

1:58 pm: Bentley Bentayga is next. 48V electrical system and massive price tag included.

1:57 pm: “Urban rebel of the Seat family…”

1:55 pm: VAG rolls out their first model — Seat Leon Cross Sport.

1:52 pm: “On The Move” is theme for the night. We will see what it means shortly, hopefully.

1:51 pm: Chinese partners in attendance from multiple JVs.

1:48 pm: Here we go.

1:47 pm: The music just changed so that must mean something.

1:41 pm: Still nothing…

1:36 pm: Maybe a little behind schedule.

1:33 pm: Looks like they are about to get started…

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